Tips to Download EDM Music

How to download EDM music

Some of you ask, “how to download EDM music” to our members on a daily basis. And the truth is there are several different ways you can download EDM music. Some are legal, some are illegal, some are safe, some are not so safe. It all depends on who you ask.

Ever since the days of napster, finding out how to download music …   any kind of music online for free has become easier and easier, so just do a little google researching and you should find the WAY you want to download music.

Tools to download EDM music

download edm music
download edm music

The #1 tool most of our members use is called MyHitMP3 and it’s at

Its a search engine that finds pretty much EVER song ever made as well as a link to the highest quality download. However, keep in mind that it is currently STILL illegal to download music you have not purchase. SO be careful.

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