The Best Things We Saw On The Dance Music Internet This Week

Still from Walk for Me

Every week, we round up a list of our favorite videos, stories, mixes and other dance music-related news from our own site and other places across the internet. Here’s our list. We think you’ll enjoy it.

1. Swing Ting Guest Mix

It may be cold this weekend, but summer is just around the corner. Fall in love with this new guest mix, created exclusively for THUMP, by Swing Ting.

2. Suzanne Ciani

The BBC interviewed classic electronic musician and composer Suzanne Ciani about her early 60s recordings and how she first came to make electronic music.

3. Miami Music Week

What happens to Miami Music Week in today’s post-EDM world?

THUMP features editor Michelle Lhooq travels down to Miami for Miami Music Week and asks whether the annual festival has reached its peak.

4. The influence of classic jams on modern EDM

How did our mainstream movement of EDM develop and where do its roots begin?

Dance Music Northwest crafted this smart and engaging compilation of how classic dance tracks influence contemporary EDM.

5. Walk for Me

THUMP editor in chief Emilie Friedlander spoke with director Elegance Bratton of Walk for Me, a new film about motherhood in ballroom culture.

6. Superpitcher returns

… and he’s shared a new track, “Pocket Love,” exclusively with THUMP. Learn more about the track and read our interview with the producer.

7. Mahraganat

What is mahraganat? The Egyptian genre of music, also known as “electro chaabi,” has become a major fixture in urban Egyptian culture. Here, we reveal six essential, explosive tracks of the genre.

8. Kerri Chandler

Mixmag profiles contemporary icon Kerri Chandler and shares stories from his youth.

9. Is nightlife actually a CIA plot?

Well is it?

10. French Touch Classics

Mixmag created a clever mix featuring their list of 30 French Touch classics.


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