The Best Things We Saw On The Dance Music Internet This Week

Every week, we round up a list of our favorite videos, stories, mixes and other dance music-related news from our own site and other places across the internet. Here’s our list. We think you’ll enjoy it.

1. Guy J’s “Converted Reality” Mix

Dig in to this gorgeous new mix, exclusively for THUMP, from Guy J.

2. South Africa’s electronic music

A nation defined by its innate love of house music, the Rainbow Nation is going through a renaissance

DJ Mag took a trip to South Africa to discover is resurgent electronic music scene.

3. The A-Z Guide to Every Song Sampled on Drake’s ‘More Life’

From house to hip-hop, Drake utilized a little bit of everything on his new “playlist,” More Life.

4. Chiptune

Given that in the roots of videogaming we find an often eerily quiet world, perhaps it’s not surprising that we sometimes forget that there’s an audio in audio-visual.

Believe it or not, chiptune has been around for 35 years. The Conversation looks into 35 years of the genre’s influence in the story of electronic music.

5. The Chili-Synthesizer Cook Off

We take a look into Chicago’s ongoing event, the Chili-Synthesizer Cook Off, in 2017.

6. Dance music and homogeneity

Innovation is often followed by commodification and wider consumption and that tends to dissolve integrity in art.

Pinch wrote this editorial for Mixmag, which argues that dance music must protect itself from turning into “homogenous mush.”

7. The Pre-Game

Jubilee interviews Nadus, the prolific Jersey DJ changing the local club scene.

8. 21 free sample packs for download

FACT compiled this list of free sample packs for download for newbies and seasoned producers.

9. The Seven Deadly Sins of Clubbing

What are they? We let you know.

10. Octo Octa in conversation with Terre Thaemlitz

Producer Octo Octa speaks with one of her idols, Terre Thaemlitz, about what it means to be contemporary queer in dance music. Read the entire conversation, at Electronic Beats.


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