djBJoRN Electronic Press Kit

djBJoRN is a Swedish / Canadian artist, currently living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Growing up in several different European countries,  djBJoRN would help his hard working, single mother by enrolling in community dance classes as well as school sports teams, hoping to save her money as these activities were much cheaper than a babysitter. At the age of 7 djBJoRN was immersed in a world of music, art, dancing, singing, reading/writing music, acting, juggling and performing. Every performance is in honour of his mother, whom he wants to take care of as a thank you for making him the man he is today. This drives him to give his craft his everything by advancing his DJ techniques and he has taught himself how to create his own music. He then molds a dj set around his original songs by mixing them up with other artists tracks that are official djBJoRN remixs, reworks, bootlegs or mashups. This creates a completely unique  music experience for all attending as djBJoRN rarely plays any song longer then 90 seconds. He has successfully performed a 2 hour dj set comprised of 145 songs

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